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    Labeling machine for cylindrical container or 65/100 mm rolling container, wrap labels, with hot glue in first operation (label glued), and cold glue by injection in second operation. The labeling occurs when the round container passes along a straight path that is driven by belts that guide the containers while they distance them and keep their speed constant.

    The A400 has an operational versatility of 700 cans per minute, with a variable speed drive that regulates the labeller in the labeling process of the can, in more or less quantity to be labeled, according to the customer’s needs.

    Due to its design it is a versatile labeling machine, and completely accessible, which facilitates its handling and maintenance complying with the regulations of the C.E.
    The changes or contribute labels are automatic, without the need to stop the machine for this operation, giving it greater functionality.
    The A400 labeller has a digital clock temperature regulator, for monitoring the hot glue which allows an exact control in this operation.
    The tank of second tail operation has a capacity of 15 kg., Tail and an injection pressure of 10 At., Allowing a precision gluing, being approved by the C.E.
    The labeller A400 given its versatility, allows the operation of changing the format of cylindrical can is done in 10/15 minutes, allowing greater agility in the labeling for the operators of the labeling machine.

    Technical data Model A400

    High measures: 1.930 mm.
    Long measures with ramps: 3.000 mm.
    Diameter of the boats admitted: 65/100 mm.
    Diameter of the boats admitted: 220/380 V.
    Installation of compressed air for the pneumatic system.
    Measure width: 850 mm.
    Weight: 750 Kg.
    Variable speed drive labeling.
    Potency: 2,5 KW.

    Other labeling machines that are manufactured

    Model A2

    Labeling machine of cylindrical container or rolling boat of 65/100 mm.

    Model A3-5

    Labeling machine of cylindrical container or rolling boat of 65/150 mm. The first gluing operation can be carried out in cold or hot glue.

    Model A350

    Labeling machine for cylindrical container or 150 ∅ rolling can. Packages of 3 Kg. And 5Kg.

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